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Funky Kids Radio – our mission is to provide an innovative, entertaining radio network of fun, educational and positive storytelling and great ‘little ear friendly’ music for families with young children, plus news and interviews for kids, by kids – we’re on a crusade to develop the best children’s radio station in the world!
Funky Kids Radio was founded by Rachel & Michael Cooper in Melbourne and started streaming in 2012. FKR station is now a part of the registered youth charity SBN Inc (School Broadcasting Network) and is under redevelopment by our award winning team.
An Antechinus in the Attic is set for release June 5th 2021 to coincide with World Environment Day.

An Antechinus in the Attic’ A-Z of Australian Species is an exciting children’s conservation awareness picture book, written by Viarnne Mischon and illustrated by Myke Mollard – with a stirring foreword by Dr Jane Goodall, DBE. Along with some wonderful flora, this book features 65 endangered, rare or iconic Australian species, portrayed as curious and charismatic characters, engaged in humourous pursuits. The project aims to spark passion in the next generation, raise awareness and encourage local action for threatened species, and provide a unifying fundraising opportunity for conservation groups all around Australia. Our curriculum-linked teachers guide and interactive audio e-book with fact files and activities provide the next steps in facilitating learning, and encouraging collective action to save Australia’s threatened species.

Teachers’ Guide to Antechinus in the Attic

SwitchOn Global Telethon June 5th 2021

The World Environment Day SwitchOn Global Telethon is a global online family focused variety event in celebration of World Environment Day, Saturday 5th June 2021. This global event is aimed at increasing awareness and action for 25 of the world’s most endangered species, as well as to raise funds for conservation projects to protect these species around the globe.

“Together we can create a kinder and more compassionate world where head and heart work in harmony and where we respect each other, the animals with whom we share the planet, and the places where they live – and I am sure this book will help us reach that world”.

Dr Jane Goodall DBE

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